Configuring SAML SSO login for SSL VPN with Azure AD acting as SAML IdP

By | October 12, 2022

FortiGate SAML CLI setting Equivalent Azure configuration Service provider (SP) entity ID (entity-id) Identifier (entity ID) SP assertion consumer service URL (single-sign-on-url) Reply URL (assertion consumer service URL) SP single logout URL (single-logout-url) Logout URL Identity provider (IdP) entity ID (idp-entity-id) Azure AD identifier IdP assertion consumer service URL (idp-single-sign-on-url) Azure login URL IdP single… Read More »

Identify the Mobility Master Serial Number and Passphrase

By | May 18, 2021

The Mobility Master serial number and passphrase are required to generate a license key for that specific VM configuration. The Mobility Master serial number is auto-generated, and does not have to be manually configured. To identify the Mobility Master passphrase, access Mobility Master via the command-line interface and issue the command show license passphrase. To identify the Mobility Master serial number, access Mobility Master via the command-line interface… Read More »